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The Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine is very rich and exquisite, just like the country itself. Recipes, spices, herbs and ingredients of every dish differ from region to region, but the only thing remains the same – incredible taste of meals. For Indian people, blending spices is a sacred ritual, shared from generation to generation. Exactly this thing makes our cuisine absolutely unique and gorgeous.

Being in a constant search of perfection, our сhef creates incredible masterpieces. Royal Rasoi restaurant combines modern approach together with years of experience and old traditions. We use only qualitative spices and fresh ingredients so you would be able to feel and taste the real essence of Indian culture.

At our restaurant, you can find meals to any taste, starting from subtle, up to intense and spicy. No matter whether you prefer mild and delicate dishes, or stick to something more savory, we have something to astonish your sensors. We can also offer you some Western dishes, skilfully adapted to our client’s tastes.